How To Quickly Peel And Cut Herring

Many people are probably wondering how to peel herring at home when you can easily buy fillets at the nearest supermarket. The answer is simple; such a fish is likely to be generously doused with oil, vinegar, mustard, or mayonnaise. All these additives change the taste of the herring. So if you are going to make a salad, it is better to buy a whole carcass and cut it yourself.

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What do you need

  • Whole pickled herring
  • Paper towels
  • Knife
How To Quickly Peel And Cut Herring
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What to do

  1. Take a whole herring marinated in salt. Place it on several layers of paper towels.
  2. Cut off the head just below the fins.
  3. Make a long incision on the side of the abdomen and gut the fish. Peel the inside of the carcass with a knife.
  4. Slice the herring along the spine and gently remove the skin on both sides.

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  1. Cut off the tail and carefully detach the herring fillets from the bones. Separate the spine with as many bones as possible from the other part of the fillet.
  2. Remove large bones from prepared fillets. This can be done by hand or with tweezers.
  3. The salted herring fillet is now ready for further use, such as making salads or snacks.

Useful advice

It is best to use cold water to wash your hands and dishes that have come into contact with salted herring. This will make it easier to remove the fish smell.

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