How To Remove Wax From Clothes: 5 Easy Methods

A moment of distraction and the wax drips on the clothes, or the depilatory strip goes to rest on the fabric; how to remove these stains from the clothes? Let’s recap the most common home remedies. Obviously, these are general indications. Before using these methods on your clothes, check that they are compatible; that is, check out that the processes or products do not damage the fabric.

In this sense, you can check the dress label, the characteristics of the fabric, and, in the limit, you can do a test on a small point not very visible.

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1) Iron

On  ​​the wax stain area, lace a sheet of newspaper or a brown paper bag (the part that does not have writing), then pass the low iron without steam to transfer the wax to the material. Gradually, cover the area with a clean portion of the paper.

2) Knife

To remove the wax, you can give it a try with a knife or with a flat object, obviously keeping the head taut and being careful not to tear the fabric.

How To Remove Wax From Clothes: 5 Easy Methods
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3) Stain remover

You can use a specific product suitable for this type of stain to pre-treat and eliminate dirt and halo before washing.  


4) Boiling water

Another option is to immerse the clothes in hot water. This works well if you have to remove the stain from delicate fabrics that cannot withstand high temperatures.

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5) Alcohol

Even for depilatory waxing, some apply alcohol to the stain on the fabric and gently rub it.

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