How To Clean A Wax Heater To Remove Wax Residue

Cleaning the wax heater helps clear off stains and wax residues. Cleaning is done quickly and easily, even more so if you avoid product residues from solidifying on the appliance.

You can have different wax heaters models, the one with the basket and the saucepan or the roller or roll-on wax heater.

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To clean the wax heater more easily, proceed quickly after you have waxed, turn it on, and let it warm up a little, but be careful because the instructions often advise not to use it without wax.

In any case, turn off the wax heater and unplug, and of course, be careful not to burn yourself.

With heat, the wax becomes more fluid, softens, and, therefore, it is easier to remove it. You can remove it with a wooden stick like ice cream; you place it on the wax stains and drag it carefully to collect the wax but test it on a small spot to make sure you do not scratch the surface.

How To Clean A Wax Heater To Remove Wax Residue
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Alternatively, you can also clean the wax with a soft cloth, a gauze cloth, a piece of the strips you use for waxing, or at least with a little kitchen paper that, however, does not make lint.

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If there is a need for further cleaning, because there are still wax residues, use a little oil, such as olive oil, the one you use for the body or after wax oil, and clean gently, but don’t soak the cloth or what you use to clean the wax heater too much because liquids can go inside and ruin the appliance.

In general, in fact, it is preferable to avoid liquids, soaking in water, aggressive products, which are not compatible with the material of the wax heater. For these and other indications, you can consult the instructions for your wax heater model.

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