How To Remove Sanitizing Gel Stains From Shoes

Some hand sanitizing gels are liquid, and the risk is to make it drip excessively on clothes and shoes or bags. Unfortunately, some stain, others – worse – discolor. It is therefore essential not to press the dispenser too hard. 

The high concentration of alcohol  (which in these products should be 70 percent) is hazardous for the skin; it tends to crack, dissolve dyes, and, in the worst case, damage the grain. So pay close attention to your shoes and handbag. Here is more.

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How do you take it off? You can try wiping it with a damp cloth or napkin, but it’s usually too late as the disinfectant is so strong and dissolves quickly. If you have well-polished shoes regularly applied with thin layers of cream and wax, you have protection.

How To Remove Sanitizing Gel Stains From Shoes
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First, treat the stain with a strong cleaner. After the stain and surrounding area have been properly cleaned and removed, let it dry and then condition with several thin layers of a good nourishing skin lotion or conditioner. You are now ready to coat the area with color.

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A few layers of highly pigmented shoe cream of a similar color to shoes will be enough to cover the stain and bring back an even shade of the shoe, but also of the purse or wallet, which you may have touched that hands soiled with disinfectant.

If the accessory is suede and stains, clean the area with a suede cleaner/shampoo and apply a pigmented waterproofing spray.

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