How To Reduce The Weight Of A Suitcase: Tips From An Airport Employee

The airport loader, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke on the Reddit platform about simple ways to reduce the weight of a suitcase, and avoid overpaying for luggage. Read on.

First of all, the man recommends thinking well about whether this or that thing is handy to you. “If you are packing your things and are in doubt whether to take something or not, you’d better not take it,” says an airport employee.

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How To Reduce The Weight Of A Suitcase: Tips From An Airport Employee
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Also, he advised passengers not to put items in the luggage compartment, which they cannot do without in case a suitcase or travel bag is suddenly lost. “Do not put those things there, without which you will not be able to live at least a week. For example, keys, medicines, laptop, telephone” – concluded the loader.

A few more important tips

  • do not put everything you have at home in your suitcase
  • you don’t need a hairdryer and an iron – hotels have them
  • do not take heavy objects
  • Include your information on the tag inside the bag in case the outer tag gets lost or broken

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By the way, now most airlines have set restrictions on the weight of baggage for passengers. There is an additional fee for violation of these rules. Be careful as you pack your suitcases.

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