5 Beauty Enemies That Every Girl Should Know About

Sleeping with makeup and smoking are very harmful to the skin – many people know about it. But other unexpected external factors affect the skin condition negatively. Fortunately, this can be dealt with. We understand this together with the brand of pharmacy cosmetics. 

1. Sedentary lifestyle

This summer, we tried to be on the street as often as possible, but we walk less often in autumn. The weather is spoiling, getting dark earlier, and fears that the epidemic does not have to walk. Most of the time now we still spend at work, often – sitting in front of the computer, which affects our health and affects the skin. It is not saturated with oxygen properly and does not receive other nutrients in the right amount. 

What to do

You don’t have to sign up for the gym immediately – add movement to your life. Dance at home, walk in the park, give up the elevator, or walk one stop to work. The main thing is to do it regularly.

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2. Hard water

For beauty and health, cleanliness and composition are not only important for the water you drink. It also matters what kind of water you wash with. With an increased salt content, that does not provide proper cleansing or hydration and can significantly harm the skin’s barrier function. And if you have sensitive skin, such water can even cause irritation and itching.

What to do

If possible, wash with filtered or bottled water and use cosmetics with moisturizing components (hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, vitamin E, allantoin, vegetable oils). How do you know that the water is hard? The remedy for cleansing will be worse foam, and after this, you will certainly feel dry and tight skin.

A good alternative is to use ice cubes (especially frozen decoction of herbs) for washing, in addition to filtered or bottled water. But you need to be careful; excessive use of ice can make the skin dry and dehydrated, especially if it has already suffered from dryness. There is also a waterless method, but it will not suit everyone. In this case, it is essential to choose a cleanser for skin type and needs. 

3. Polluted air

If you do not live in an Alpine village, you probably feel the consequences of the current environmental situation. And it is not only about health in general; the skin, which loses moisture, peels off, suffers from pigmentation and irritation, also negatively impacts. Different elements of polluted air, including nitrogen dioxide, cause cell damage and, as a result, trigger premature skin aging. Also, the polluting agents in the big city’s air settle on our skin. As a result – the expansion of pores increased the production of sebum and acne’s appearance.

What to do

Every time you get home, go straight to wash your hands. The same rule works with the face. Millions of harmful substances are injected into the cosmetics layer every day, clogging the pores and destroying the protective layer of the skin.

Eat enough foods with antioxidants (fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, salmon, mackerel, tea, and bitter chocolate), and do not forget about cosmetics with vitamin E and C in the composition. More often, ventilate the house; if possible, sleep with the window ajar.

4. Lack of sleep

5 Beauty Enemies That Every Girl Should Know About
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The main function of sleep for our body as a whole is rest and recovery. If you do not get enough sleep – your skin does not recover; its barrier function deteriorates, the level of hydration drops, and the production of sebum – on the contrary.

Bruises under the eyes, dull skin, dehydration – the usual consequences of lack of sleep. Also, lack of sleep negatively affects the body as a whole, which is a very close perspective will continue to affect your appearance in very close perspective.

What to do

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day and do not promise to sleep at the weekend; catching up will be difficult. Try to go to bed at the same time. And if traveling on social networks right in bed – your usual ritual before going to bed, give it up.

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5. Constant wearing of masks

Protective masks, which have become extremely popular against the background of the pandemic COVID-19, can cause long-term use of redness, burning, tingling on the skin. Also, masks often include propylene fibers, which increase skin sensitivity. If you wear a mask for a long time, the face under it sweats, and because of friction may irritate; in some cases, the case can reach contact dermatitis.

What to do

If you’ve seen the effects of wearing a mask on your face, go for super-soften cleansers without perfume and dyes and intensely moisturizing creams. The problem will also help to solve beauty products with lipids in the composition: ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids (Omega 6- and 9-). Give up for a while from dense and persistent tonal remedies that can further irritate and dry the skin.

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