How To Quickly Clean A Room: Simple Life Hacks

Homeowners know how to clean a room without resorting to cleaning companies quickly. Cleaning the house may not take much time and energy if you approach it correctly. Here is how.

Just 15 minutes

Spend 15 minutes cleaning your house every day, so you don’t have to spend a couple of hours on the weekend. Clean the dust off the surfaces on Monday, start the vacuum cleaner on Tuesday, clean up the bathroom on Wednesday, and so on.

This method will allow you to always keep the house clean without much effort. The main thing is not to forget about this daily rule of 15 minutes.

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Each thing has its own place.

Everything should be convenient: how to take things and put them back. Look around the room with a critical eye and try to understand what you are missing to keep it clean easily. These can be additional shelves, drawers, or hanging organizers for storing various small items.

Clean the room properly

The ideas of Mari Kondo, a Japanese cleaning and disposal expert who wrote the book Magical Cleaning allows you to organize your space so you don’t have to clean up much.

Its system is based on minimalism and competent storage, which allows you to fill with “air” even a very cramped apartment at first glance.

How To Quickly Clean A Room: Simple Life Hacks
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5 steps to order

Always make your bed in the morning – it will instantly give your bedroom a neat and fresh look.

Get rid of the excess stuff. Clutter is created by things that we move from place to place, not knowing where to put them. Find such items in your home – perhaps those last year’s checks on the table and boxes of jewelry that you never wear should no longer be in your house.

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Turn on music and timer. To not stretch the cleaning for long hours, and to motivate yourself not to be distracted, use a timer for 15-20 minutes. Energetic music will also help you to avoid discouragement.

For a rapid cleanup in a messy area, collect all trash in a bag, wash dishes and remove clothes. These three simple steps are guaranteed to help clean your room.

Use the “1 in – 2 out” rule. The more things, the harder it is to keep order. Try to experiment for a month; when bringing a new thing into the house, remove two old ones. This will relieve one of the passions for accumulating excess, free up space for new things, and reconsider your consumption view.

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