How To Not Get Coronavirus At The Airport: Important Tips

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is best to give up overseas travel, travel, and business trips. If this is not available to you, here are tips on approaching airport security checks and avoid getting sick. Learn how to approach the airport security check correctly, so you don’t get sick

First, experts recommend that travelers wash their hands before passing each security line at the airport and always bring disinfectant wipes with them. By the way, they can be carried in hand luggage. Napkins are useful not only at the airport but also in the cabin of the aircraft, where it is recommended to use them on all surfaces surrounding the passenger

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How To Not Get Coronavirus At The Airport: Important Tips
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Hygiene rules must be observed at airports.

By the way, one of the dirtiest items during airport security checks are plastic trays used to store personal items before scanning. This is stated by researchers from the University of Nottingham and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare.

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The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has already announced that it cannot use trays at airport checkpoints. Instead, passengers can leave all personal belongings, including phones, keys, and wallets, inside their bags, placed on the scanner tape.

Experts also warn that there are still many areas of the airport with high levels of pollution, and hundreds, if not thousands of different people pass through them as well—for example, checkout counters in shops, stair railings, countertops at checkpoints, and others.

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