How To Properly Boil Beets To Preserve Its Nutrients

Boiled beets are a common ingredient in salads, snacks, and soups. You can cook it in different ways: in a saucepan, multicooker, and a bag. To make the beets juicy and retain the water-soluble mineral salts, it is not recommended to peel them before boiling or baking but only rinse them thoroughly. Also, do not cut the root of the beet to the base. Otherwise, it will brighten when cooking.

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How to boil beets quickly

Wash the beets, put them in a saucepan with water, and let them boil for 30 minutes. Then drain the liquid and place the beets under running icy water for 5 minutes. The temperature difference will bring the beets to readiness. The whole process will take about 35-40 minutes. It is also much easier to peel beets cooked this way.

How To Properly Boil Beets To Preserve Its Nutrients

How much to cook beets for borsch

Before you put the vegetable into the water, you need to rinse it thoroughly without cutting off the roots and the crown. Otherwise, the juice will “go” into the pan. Tor better reserve a bright shade, do not salt the water but pour 1/2 tsp into it; vinegar or citric acid. Cooking time depends on the fruit’s size and the season – young small roots are usually cooked for 20-30 minutes, old ones – 1-1.5 hours.

How much to cook beets in a slow cooker

Thoroughly wash the beets themselves, the roots should be small, and place them on the bottom of the multicooker bowl. Pour cold water over the beets by about an inch.

Close the lid and cook in soup mode for 1 hour. After that, open the lid, take out the finished beets and cool them. Remember to check the doneness of the beets. If it seems to you that it is still tough, then cook for another 20 minutes.

How to quickly boil beets in a bag

Beets in a bag are cooked just like the usual way. The difference here is the only inconvenience; there is no need to wash the pan from beet scale; the vegetable does not smell for the whole house and has a bright color.

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The beets need to be washed and put in a bag – each root vegetable is separate. Release air as much as possible and make a free knot at the very top. Put the beets in a saucepan, cover with water, and put on high heat; after boiling, reduce the heat. The bag’s edges should be sticking out of the water, but the beets are completely covered in water.

Small beets (about 200 g) will cook in 50 minutes and become pliable for piercing; large beets (400-500 g) will need to be cooked for 2 hours. To check the beets for readiness, you need to take the bundle bag, remove it from the pan and transfer it to a plate. Then untie the knot and pierce the beets with a fork; it should freely enter the vegetable.

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