How To Cleanse Your Body: Detox Breakfast

Eating certain foods for breakfast that have a detox effect will help to cleanse the body gently. Read on to find out which ones they are.

Green tea

Replace your usual coffee cup with green tea, which, thanks to its high catechin content, will help keep your liver healthy and detoxify your body.


Whole grains improve bowel function by helping the body cleanse itself naturally. Remember this health benefit of oatmeal and cook it more often for breakfast.

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Asparagus contains prebiotics and probiotics, which are important for keeping the digestive tract functioning and healthy. Also, the substances contained in this product prevent flatulence.

How To Cleanse Your Body: Detox Breakfast
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Green smoothie

Green smoothies help our bodies get the nutrients our bodies need every day and also help cleanse the body, especially if you add detox foods like watercress, spinach, and lemon to the drink.

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Chia seeds

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, chia seeds help cleanse the body and keep the heart-healthy.

Fruit salad

Fresh fruit also has a mild detox effect, so indulge in fruit salads with various ingredients more often.

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