20 Good Deeds You Can Do Today

Good deeds done to or for someone come back to you like a boomerang. And these are not just empty words. After doing some kind deed, after a while, you receive an unexpected gift of fate. Let’s remember what good deeds we can do regularly to cheer ourselves up and those around us and make the world more humane.

1. Hold the door when you exit

It would seem a simple rule of courtesy, but how many people hurry forget about this simple trifle. And the person following you will certainly appreciate the fact that you stopped for a second and held the door for him.

2. Do a little charity

Finally, disassemble your closets and give unnecessary things to orphanages or another place, such as where a natural disaster has recently occurred (such collections are carried out regularly). You don’t need these things at all, but they will bring joy to someone, they will warm someone and, possibly, even save from death.

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3. Leave positive feedback about your favorite cafe

We do not skimp on negative reviews. It is offending, and friends from all social networks will find out about it. When everything is fine, somehow, we are in no hurry to shout about it at every corner. If you like a cafe or some other institution, leave a positive review about it. It will not take you long, and the cafe will acquire several new visitors. And your friends will certainly thank you for your advice on a good place where they had a wonderful evening.

4. Donate blood

If you were not too lazy to go to the blood donation point once, you have already saved someone’s life.

5. Try volunteering at a nursing home for a while

Oh, it’s not easy. You need to have a certain temperament to spend at least a few hours in a nursing home, where there are mostly older adults who, probably, burden their loved ones too much or who have no loved ones at all. They will remember a few hours spent with them for a conversation or some game because this will be a whole event for older adults in a series of rather boring days.

6. Help new neighbors to settle down

Do you have new neighbors moving into your neighborhood? It would be nice to say hello to them for a start. Offer assistance in moving, perhaps suggest something, answer questions. A few simple steps to help you strengthen good neighborly relations, and maybe even make new friends.

7. Skip someone in line at the supermarket

If you have a full basket of groceries and a customer languishes behind you with a single bottle of water, why not skip ahead, especially if you are not in a hurry. I am sure they will not only be shocked but also very grateful to you.

8. Send an unexpected gift to a friend

No need to wait for the holidays. Just in honor of a good mood, send a friend who lives a book or some trinket in another city, but at least just a postcard. It’s always such a joy to receive parcels!

9. Bring something tasty to the office

Why not treat your colleagues to muffins or donuts in the morning? Why not bring a watermelon to the office, for example, and eat it all together? Everyone’s mood will undoubtedly improve.

10. Offer your parking space to the approaching car

Parking near the mall is a real challenge, especially during the holidays. If you are about to leave and, approaching your car, noticed a driver looking for a parking spot, indicate to him that you are leaving now to slow down and get in your place.

11. Help the motorist on the road

If you are an experienced driver and see that a car has stopped on the side of the road with the warning lights on, stop, and offer help.

20 Good Deeds You Can Do Today
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12. Lend someone in line a change

If you are standing behind someone in line at the checkout and the person suddenly lacks 50 bucks to pay for the purchase, or there is no change to give without change, lend it to them. They will not return the money to you, but after all, this is not such a great value, and you will save a person from the need to refuse one of your purchases. And the line behind you will be grateful that you did not keep waiting for the cashier to issue the goods’ cancellation.

13. Make way for the metro, minibus, or tram

This is not only about the elderly, of course. Give in if you see that it is hard for the person next to you to stand, he is too tired, he is unwell, or he has heavy bags.

14. Leave leftovers at the trash can

My mom never throws away leftover food that, in principle, can still be eaten or dried bread. She puts it neatly in a bag and hangs it near the street trash cans. Some homeless people will not have to dig in the garbage for a long time to find food.

15. Pick up what someone dropped

If someone drops a glove or something else, be sure to call out to the person and point out the loss. And if you are standing nearby, then pick up the thing and hand it into his hands.

16. Teach someone what you are a pro at

I recently explained to a female photographer how to use Dropbox. It took a few minutes, but she was happy that she could now use such a handy tool. If you’re a pro at something, teach others what you know.

17. Invite tourists to take pictures of them

If you suddenly see tourists on the street who are trying to photograph themselves at arm’s length, offer them help. Surely no one wants all of their photos to be as one huge faces and tiny landmarks somewhere in the ear region’s background.

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18. Bring Your Friends’ Pet Treat

Do you have any meat bones left from lunch, and in the evening, you go to visit friends who have a dog? Take the bones with you. Friends and their pet will be grateful to you.

19. Share greens and vegetables from your garden with your neighbor

If you or your parents have a garden and have produced far more greens and vegetables than you yourself can eat, share them with your friends or neighbors.

20. Share discounts

If you have extra discount coupons that you are unlikely to use, give them to those who need them. Do not store until the last moment to discard later. These are not all ideas of small good deeds that can be done regularly without spending a lot of effort and money. 

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