How To Overcome The Fear Of A Career Change

Don’t worry if the thought of changing your job paralyzes you and makes you suffer from self-doubt. This fear can be overcome if you truly want to move forward and be successful in your chosen field. Scientists believe that the brain perceives a job change as a life-threatening event, according to the scale. Holmes and Rae, who measures stress levels connected with an event, changing jobs are on the 20 most difficult life situations.

This fear is well-founded. Firstly, a change of activity entails many new and unknown things, especially if you decide to change your profile completely. Secondly, it will take a lot of time and effort. Thirdly, this is a financial risk because you cannot know in advance that everything will turn out well in a new place.

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Although we ourselves tend to come up with many reasons why we should not change jobs, we are afraid of losing our reputation or privileges; we are afraid of condemnation of loved ones and even strangers’ opinions.

Once you realize that fear is an attempt to protect yourself from failure, you can overcome it.

A career change is part of your journey to success and achieving your goals. After all, you would not look for a job and try yourself in a new business if everything suited you.

How To Overcome The Fear Of A Career Change
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Define all your fears ahead of time

Write down a list of good reasons why you definitely need to change jobs. Also, list everything that you are afraid of. Do not skimp on words. Pour on paper all your doubts, fears, and misunderstandings that are preventing you from taking the plunge. Post this list in a prominent place. He will remind you that despite the potential difficulties, the job change is worth trying to overcome.

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Enlist the support of loved ones

Don’t make such an important decision alone. Ask a friend or family member to help you list the reasons why you should change jobs. Then let those close to you know that your fears can get in the way of your goal. Ask them to often remind you of the benefits of changing activities and why it is worth investing time and energy in it. Gradually, you will understand that only far-fetched fears prevent you from moving on. Then you will consciously begin to get rid of them to achieve your goals.

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