How To Be Happier In 15 Minutes

Just three psychological tricks will help you change your life for the better in a matter of minutes.

1. Plan interesting activities for the year ahead

Work, study, and household chores sometimes delay, and we forget that there is something in the world besides the daily routine. If you’re tired of everything, take 15 minutes to come up with 12 little adventures that will help you get out of your comfort zone. For example, it could be a trip to a nearby town, skydiving, or going on a date – choose which one is closer to you.

After you’ve come up with 12 fun activities, make a promise to yourself that you will do one every month for a year. Start making plans without postponing so that the things you come up with are not just a note in a notebook.

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2. Match the to-do list with your dreams

Imagine yourself in a year, five or ten years. Think about who you want to see yourself, what you want to achieve, both personally and professionally. Write down your ideas. Then compare them to your current to-do list. Does everything in it serve your long-term goals? If not, make the necessary changes to the list; postpone or cancel something, and add something on the contrary. Ideally, you should check your to-do list against your long-term plans daily or at least once a week.

How To Be Happier In 15 Minutes
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3. Create a piggy bank of happiness

Find an empty jar or box and write “Happy Moments” on it. Remember what good things have happened to you lately. Write this down on small pieces of paper and place them in the jar.

Every time something joyful happens, replenish this piggy bank. And once every few months, open it and relive the happy moments. Just by paying more attention to the good things in your life, you will eventually become more optimistic about the world around you.

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