This Trick Will Help You Have A Casual Conversation With Anyone

That awkward moment when the conversation fades in mid-sentence. There is an awkward pause in the air, and you don’t know how to continue the dialogue. But there is a solution to this problem.

Whatever it is about, there should be 30% of new information in your words.

The conversation will not last long if you repeat the same thing. Without new information, the dialogue is like an inverted pyramid. With the 30 percent rule, the conversation will always be lively and interesting for both interlocutors.

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This Trick Will Help You Have A Casual Conversation With Anyone
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Why exactly 30%?

If you introduce more new information, the dialogue turns into a monologue. Your interlocutor will feel uncomfortable. It’s great if you are erudite and know a lot about a lot, but you should not turn the conversation into a lecture.

Two conditions for the 30 percent rule to work

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  1. Both interlocutors should be interested in continuing the conversation. If a person, for some reason, does not want to communicate (angry or thinking about something else), it is better to chat another time.
  2. The topic of the conversation should be easy to transform. You can hardly add anything to a phrase like “Banana is a fruit.” Unless you nod in agreement and ask something else, make sure that the conversation’s topic expands as you enter new information.

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