How To Meet People at a Party If You Are an Introvert

These four tips will help you meet interesting and useful people at parties and corporate events, even if you are timid. Read on to find out more.

1. Come with a friend

If you agree to go with someone to a party or a meeting, you will be less likely to refuse at the last moment under a far-fetched pretext and stay at home, since you are embarrassed in large companies. At the party itself, you will feel much more comfortable with a friend. If he is more relaxed than you, you can ask them to help you meet people.

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2. Set a goal

Don’t wander around the room, trying to find out the names of as many people as possible. It’s pointless. Decide on a specific goal. For example, tell yourself that your job is to meet and talk to two or three strangers.

How To Meet People at a Party If You Are an Introvert
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3. Choose your parties wisely

You don’t have to go to every event you are invited to if you feel uncomfortable with many people. Instead, focus on parties and other events that you are most curious about. On them, you are more likely to meet people with similar views and interests; it will be easier for you to make acquaintances.

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4. Reward yourself

Every time you attend a party, meet people, or otherwise step out of your comfort zone, reward yourself. For example, buy something you have wanted for a long time but did not dare or go to your favorite restaurant. Indulge in your courage.

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