How Not to Lose Friends and Make New Ones

If you regularly refuse to meet and cancel plans together, the friendship will fizzle out. Many would like to have close friends but are not willing to make an effort to do so. How often do we meet someone interesting and think that we could make friends? But affairs, fatigue, and just laziness make us postpone meetings. Weeks and months go by, and we never get past the surface.

Of course, you cannot be friends with everyone you meet. This is not necessary. But if you want to make a close friendship but constantly find reasons not to go to meetings, it’s time to change tactics. Read on!

1. Take the first step

Tell people you like or respect that you are interested in and would like to communicate with them. If they don’t share your interest, that’s okay. But don’t miss out on getting to know someone just because you’re afraid to sound too intrusive.

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2. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Talk about your problems and ask people about their difficulties. Do not meet only in bars and coffee houses, invite friends to your home. Give thoughtful gifts. It is important for friendship that you accept each other as you are. This is impossible if you never show your weaknesses.

3. Learn to say no to those you don’t want to pay attention to

It sounds harsh, but it will save you and the other person time and effort. Faking friendship with someone without genuine feelings is not at all an act of kindness. So don’t promise to meet sometime later. You both have a limited amount of time. Better to spend it on critical people.

How Not to Lose Friends and Make New Ones
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4. Reciprocate

If your friend is always the first to suggest plans, invite him out of the box yourself next time. If you need to cancel the appointment, please suggest a different time. And make an effort to contain the new arrangement.

5. Support the people who are important to you.

Sometimes friends need your physical presence. Sometimes they need emotional support. You will always have other things to do and do. But if you regularly choose them, rather than friends, soon nothing will remain of friendship. To preserve it, both sides must try.

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Close friendships don’t just come about when you have a lot in common or are comfortable communicating. And then, when in some situations you give preference to a friend. How many times do you need to cancel gatherings or skip important events in his life for your friendship to fizzle out? Much less than you think.

Therefore, the next time you have to decide whether to make time for a friend or do something else, remember that these choices will affect your relationship.

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