How To Lose Weight While Cleaning The House

The normal routine of household chores, so annoying at times, can turn into an excellent excuse to get back in shape. Housework can prove to be a valid alternative to the gym; face it with the right spirit and some tricks.

Don’t you believe it? Well, suffice it to say that washing floors burn about 120 calories, while vacuuming makes you lose 90 calories. Whatever it may be, any domestic activity constitutes real training, if you really don’t find extra time to devote to sport. To console yourself, think that you can have a clean and tidy house, save money, and keep fit.

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In fact, moving not only involves enrolling in the gym but starts from reconsidering our daily routine, taking advantage of the gestures that, day after day, constitute a real effective and completely free workout.

– When you vacuum try to emphasize the forward movement by bending at the knee, exaggerating the movement, first with the right and then with the left. This constant exercise, which can also be applied as you step up the stairs, allows you to strengthen the gluteal muscles and exercise different skills.

– The same thing with the broom, thanks to which you will be facilitated in performing the side lunge, slimming the hips.

How To Lose Weight While Cleaning The House
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– Thighs and legs, on the other hand, will be stressed while you are cleaning and washing the floors, especially if you are careful to keep your knees slightly bent.

On the other hand, by washing the windows, you will tone your pectorals which will be more trained if the movements you will practice with the rag will be circular and from bottom to top, remembering to use both arms alternately. Movements are also useful for the daily act of making the bed.

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– Even when you stretch, your muscles remain tense, allowing your physique to work and your body to lose a whopping 75 calories. On the first iron pass, it sways to the right, counts to five, and, while the iron runs from the opposite side, it sways to the left, thus allowing complete toning of the inner thigh.

If the calorie test isn’t enough for you, try applying yourself now to discover the benefits of gesturing that, if well done, gives amazing results, not to mention that cleaning will certainly be more fun than you have always considered it up to now!

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