How To Grow Rosemary In Pots: 9 Useful Tips

Growing rosemary in pots is easy and allows us to have an aromatic plant on the balcony that enhances our dishes and has numerous benefits. In fact, the rosemary, among others, possesses properties antiseptic and digestive. From this medicinal plant, essential oil is extracted. Also, rosemary, with its aroma, tends to repel some parasites. Here is how you can grow it in pots.

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1) For the cultivation of this aromatic plant, if possible, add river sand to the universal soil to allow the water to drain.

2) At the limit, you can also add a little organic fertilizer such as hummus.

3) To grow rosemary, you can take a pot of about 15 centimeters.

4) Next, to plant rosemary, place a couple of crock pieces over the drainage hole and layer with the expanded clay. In this way, the water can flow without stagnating. Then, pour in the soil and insert the seedling.

How To Grow Rosemary In Pots: 9 Useful Tips
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5) To grow rosemary in pots, find a spot on the balcony that is sunny and not affected by cold currents and winds.

6) In winter, protect the rosemary from the cold, then keep it on a windowsill or, in any case, in a sheltered and cool area with good brightness.

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7) You can periodically provide for topping by removing the tops, but not the lignified ones.

8) In spring, prune the rosemary by shortening the twigs more or less up to half.

9) You can reproduce rosemary by cuttings.

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