How To Grow Poppies: 5 Useful Tips

The splendid view of an expanse of poppies or even just a few specimens prompts us to ask ourselves how to grow these simple flowers that take us back to childhood and countryside landscapes, with wheat fields and wildflowers.

Probably, when we say their name, we immediately think of red poppies. Still, there are other colors such as white and pink for common poppies (papaver rhoeas); they can be an idea for the summer garden and a cheerful element in dried flowers’ compositions.

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1) For the cultivation of poppies, you don’t have to live in a particular area. These flowers, in fact, can grow in different environments with variable climatic conditions.

2) In principle, the soil does not need specific characteristics, although the earth should favor drainage.

3) If you are planning to place poppies in your garden, choose a sunny area.

How To Grow Poppies: 5 Useful Tips
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4) You can sow them in the spring after softening the soil a little. In general, keep in mind that they tend to multiply autonomously through the emission and spread of seeds.   

5) Don’t worry too much about water; do it when the soil is dry.

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In short, poppies are among the easiest flowers to grow; plant them and water them at the right time.

In the common, literary, and mythological imagery, these flowers are associated with sleep. Some parts such as seeds are used in cooking and for treatments, obviously with the right quantities.

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