How To Grow Cabbage: 5 Useful Tips

Growing cabbage is pretty easy. This vegetable’s beauty is that we can have it available throughout the year depending on the variety, even in winter. We can also take advantage of the fact that cabbage is grown in different types of fertile soil and resists the cold.

1) When planting the savoy cabbage, work the soil at about half a meter deep by fertilizing with compost, manure, or mature manure.

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2) Start the cabbage cultivation directly from the seedlings or carry out the sowing, even in the polystyrene containers, and transplant when the seedlings have about 5 leaves. The spaces between the cabbage can change according to the variety and are greater for the late ones. It ranges from about 30 centimeters to about half a meter; between the rows, it varies from about 60 centimeters to 75-80.

How To Grow Cabbage: 5 Useful Tips
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3) When to start growing cabbage? It depends on the variety; for autumn and winter ones, start with sowing in summer; for the summer ones, proceed in autumn or spring. The precise month may differ from region to region, based on climatic characteristics. 

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4) Use a hoe, to remove weeds and let the air pass through the soil by moving it to the surface.   

5) When to harvest the cabbage? By the time they are, the heads are well developed. Generally, in the southern regions, the harvesting can be postponed.

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