How To Organize The Refrigerator To Avoid Food Waste

Reducing food waste means not only polluting but also cutting costs. How you do it? You must try to organize the refrigerator rationally and be more creative in the kitchen. Food waste starts right from the refrigerator. That’s where you forget the products you bought or things go wrong because they haven’t been organized properly. Food preservation might seem like a trivial topic, but few people have a good understanding of it in reality. Here is more.

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Pay Attention To The Shopping

It might seem obvious, but weekly grocery shopping without good planning is the main source of food waste. Plan carefully what you need.

How To Organize The Refrigerator To Avoid Food Waste
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Maximize Space

If you really want to commit to reducing food waste, it’s time to get super organized. Arrange food in an orderly manner in the refrigerator, and it will reduce the risk of having to throw away expired products. It is reasonable to use the upper shelves for those foods that should not be cooked, reserve the middle shelves for dairy products, and use the lower shelf, the coldest part of the refrigerator, to store meat and fish. This approach will also reduce cross-contamination between foods.

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Be Creative In The Kitchen

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between food waste and global warming? Food remnants that accumulate in landfills decompose and produce gases that are up to 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide due to their ability to trap heat in the atmosphere. Cooking more creatively by experimenting with new recipes can really help you use all food intelligently without letting it spoil or end up throwing it away.

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