How To Eat Boiled Crayfish-Instructions From An Etiquette Expert

Eating crayfish is another challenge. Let’s explain; it is not just taking a piece and putting it in your mouth. This is a whole and time-consuming process – to tear off the edible parts, to reach something with your hands, to suck something out. But how then do you eat crayfish correctly to look dignified?

Consider this today with the use of crayfish. Let’s immediately indicate: crayfish, like other crustaceans, are consumed both at home and in restaurants. Etiquette standards are different! Let us find out more.

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When eating crayfish in a restaurant

  • For ease of use in restaurants, crayfish are served either already cut or with a set of special devices.
  • The set of the simplest tools includes a slotted knife, a long fork, and scissors.
  • Cutting begins with a claw.
  • The claws are inserted into the slot of the aforementioned knife and cracked so that it is possible to get the meat out of the claw with a long fork.
  • Further, the tail is separated (it is also called a cancerous neck). The tail is either detached by hand with a twisting motion or cut with scissors. Then, again, with the help of the submitted fork, the meat is taken out.
  • At the end of the meal – hands are rinsed in a cup of lemon water served when serving the dish and wiped with an additionally served napkin. Note! Not the napkin you place on your lap!
  • Then you should proceed to the toilet room and wash your hands.

When eating crayfish at home

How To Eat Boiled Crayfish-Instructions From An Etiquette Expert
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  • Of course, it is permissible to use crayfish with your hands at home or friendly picnics.

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  • In crayfish, as a rule, meat from claws and tail is eaten; caviar is also tasty; it is placed at the junction of the tail with the shell.
  • But be careful when eating crayfish. And try not to touch the shell with your tongue; this can cause a burning sensation and discomfort in the mouth after a while.

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