How To Become Beautiful In A Month: 10 Tips

By following these few simple tips, you can put your body in order and make you noticeably prettier. Read on to find out.

1 . In the morning, on an empty stomach, heat 1 tablespoon of flaxseed. Chew thoroughly with a glass of warm water. You can eat after 30 minutes. What effect does it have? It perfectly cleanses the body. The skin will become smoother and fresher. Plus, it will lead to healthy weight loss.

Flaxseed also strengthens hair and nails. Please note that flaxseed should not be consumed if there are stones in the body.

2 . Eat boiled beets daily. For breakfast or dinner, whichever is convenient. Beetroot is a unique blood purifier. And blood health is an important indicator of good looks. This remedy also has a positive effect on the skin condition and the work of internal organs.

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3 . Daily, per hour before going to bed, apply a mixture of glycerin and vitamin E on your face. The mixture is straightforward to prepare: for 30 grams of glycerin, take 10 capsules of vitamin E. Pierce the capsules with a needle and squeeze the oil into a bottle. All of these can be purchased at the pharmacy at a low cost. Before applying the product, you need to cleanse the face’s skin and do a light massage with a soft brush so that the surface turns slightly red. 

In this state, cells absorb nutrients as much as possible. There is one drawback – the skin becomes a little clammy while the glycerin is absorbed. Use a refreshing tonic to ease the discomfort. Every morning you will observe a grateful reaction of the skin to such nutrition. Wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the color will be evened out. A very effective remedy for wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Try it and see for yourself.

4 . Eat 50 grams of nuts every day—anyone you like. Hair and nails will thank you so much in 2 weeks.

5 . Once every three days, we make a hair mask from dry mustard powder, diluted to the consistency of porridge with the addition of vegetable oil (preferably burdock or from wheat germ). Apply to damp hair, hold for 20-30 minutes, rinse. After a month of regular use, you will not recognize your old hair in a luxurious wave.

6 . Get yourself some sleep socks. Natural fiber. Cotton or wool, depending on the season. Before going to bed, after a shower, grease your feet abundantly with butter and a few drops of mint oil. Then we put on our socks and go to bed like this. In a month, your legs will become the object of envy and admiration. This procedure, completed a month before the beach season will do you well. You will be able to show off your bare feet with pride.

How To Become Beautiful In A Month: 10 Tips
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7 . Now, let’s take care of the eyelashes. You will need an empty tube of mascara. Wash it well inside with a soapy brush. Drip inside the wheat germ oil. Everything! A home remedy for strengthening and growing your paint-tired eyelashes is ready. Before going to bed, apply oil along the entire length. With a brush, it is very convenient to do this. Do not apply too much. It is enough to lubricate the hairs quite a bit. After a month, you will see that the eyelashes have become thicker, grown, and clearly invigorated.

8 . Let’s take care of the skin of the body. Take one glass of sea salt (although ordinary, table salt, with iodine, is also suitable), add one glass of fatty sour cream. After bathing, putting on a washcloth mitten, carefully massage the whole body, including the neck, then rinse with warm water with the resulting porridge. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Salt removes keratinized particles from the surface and disinfects. If there are small pimples, they will soon be a thing of the past. Sour cream softens salt, prevents it from scratching delicate skin, and nourishes the cells. Regular use will give wonderful results.

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9 . Once again, about the skin. Get yourself a treasure like an amaranth oil. The main ingredient in this product is squalene. And in turn, is one of the main components of our skin. The oil is absorbed almost 100% and is unrivaled in the fight against wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks, and other skin troubles! It is possible and necessary to use amaranth oil daily, lubricating both the body and the face. This will save you from a lot of problems. The only drawback of the oil is its price. However, if desired, amaranth oil can be easily made at home.

10. Prepare special water to rinse your hair after washing. Just add a few drops of menthol oil (5 drops per liter) and rinse your curls after each wash. This will give incredible freshness to the scalp and lightness. This remedy even relieves headaches. Effectively fights dandruff. Perfectly helps with excessively oily hair.

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