Top 7 Ways To Cheat Hunger

Many women dream of losing weight, but they hate dieting. This is understandable – who likes to experience the excruciating feeling of hunger? However, there are simple ways to help you deal with this problem easily without feeling too much discomfort. So, 7 ways to cheat hunger and get rid of the accumulated pounds.

A diet, even the most gentle, is always stressful for the body. And if you still have troubles at work or just in a bad mood, then the hand itself reaches for the forbidden candy. But some tricks can help you deal with overwhelming hunger.

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1. Eat potatoes. Yes, oddly enough, this product will help you lose weight. It contains a large amount of starch, which creates a feeling of fullness and maintains blood sugar levels. Of course, you should not eat large quantities of potatoes, but sometimes you can prefer them to other foods. It is better to use cold boiled potatoes, seasoning them with olive oil.

2. Always have breakfast. The more calories we get at breakfast, the less we eat during the day. But the amount of food eaten for dinner should be reduced. Some people cannot eat much in the morning. Then it is worth breaking breakfast into two parts and eating them during the morning.

Top 7 Ways To Cheat Hunger
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3. Use a blender. This is a great way to cheat hunger, whisking the liquid expands. And the bubbles, due to which this happens, have no energy value. An analogy can be made; adding tomatoes to a meat dish can increase its volume. But the calorie content will hardly change.

4. Enjoy the vanilla smell. Everything is straightforward here; if you really want ice cream or cake, then the smell of vanilla will create the feeling that you have tasted these forbidden foods. Smell vanilla; it doesn’t matter if it’s perfume or scented candles.

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5. Eat lentils. This product is high in protein and low in calories. You cannot eat a lot of lentils – they are very satisfying.

6. Snack right. To trick hunger cunningly, you need to know how to eat properly. Don’t buy candy or fried sunflower seeds. Eat some strawberries, a couple of plums, a tomato, or a cucumber.

7. Do breathing exercises. Very often, we run to the refrigerator when we are nervous. To avoid this, do breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, hold in the air, and exhale slowly. Relax your body and try not to think about anything. This exercise should be repeated when you feel hungry.

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