3 Reasons To Stop Slouching Right Now

Correct body posture demonstrates a sense of power and control, while stooping is perceived by people as a lack of self-confidence. Slouching is a common occurrence in our time. It is no secret that improper posture spoils a person’s physical attractiveness and, in general, can have a bad effect on health. Many of us don’t want to think about it, and we continue to slouch. There are at least three important reasons to start controlling the position of your back right now.

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Slouching lowers self-confidence

Posture is an indicator of a person’s mental characteristics, by which you can determine how he feels about other people, to himself, and his own life.

At the same time, the position of the body in itself can influence self-confidence. A study by Ohio State University researchers found that people become more restless and anxious people become more restless and anxious people become more restless and anxious after 30 minutes of incorrect posture. Now, remember how much time you spend hunched over? But a straight back position reduces psychological stress, and self-confidence grows. Scientists attribute this to the fact that when the body is correctly positioned, it produces chemicals responsible for strength and confidence and help overcome stress.

3 Reasons To Stop Slouching Right Now
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Poor posture interferes with success

Posture is body language. A stooped person looks depressed and insecure. It is not surprising that those around him subconsciously treat him this way. Thus, poor posture prevents others from noticing your leadership qualities.

Correct body posture demonstrates a sense of power and control, while people perceive stooping as a lack of self-confidence. Also, the movements of a stooped person are often awkward. Thus, the success of your speech or interview depends a lot on correct posture.

Correct posture protects the health

Slouching is very often accompanied by back pain. Poor posture also adversely affects internal organs’ work – heart, liver, lungs, stomach, intestines. Indeed, due to improper posture, the pressure on the abdominal cavity and thoracic region increases. Therefore, the state of health leaves much to be desired.

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Correct body position helps the respiratory and digestive organs to function naturally. Therefore, to supply the body (and the brain, in particular) the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, you feel a burst of energy, headaches become rare, and your efficiency increases what you missed when you were stooped.

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