How Often Should Your Bedding Be Washed? Learning With a Microbiologist

In the UK, an unusual study was conducted with the participation of two thousand respondents. It turned out that in conservative and tradition-rich England, a third of the population changes bedding only once a year! How Ukrainians relate to bed hygiene and how often it is important to change bed linen, microbiologist Oksana Volskaya will tell us in this article.

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Why is it important to change bedding frequently

How Often Should Your Bedding Be Washed? Learning With a Microbiologist
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Most people have no idea what kind of monsters are waiting for them in bed. Our bodies are home to countless different bacteria and fungi, most of them harmless, but the bed is an ideal place for them to breed, especially due to the moisture that accumulates while we sleep.

We spend a third of our lives in sleep – 8 hours a day. And so you always want to sleep in a clean and comfortable place.

Firstly, there can be fungi in bed linen, and secondly, frequent bed linen change is useful for those who have asthma, dermatitis, allergies, and so on.

How to properly care for bed linen

How Often Should Your Bedding Be Washed? Learning With a Microbiologist
Photo credit: Pexels

Today you can choose a bed of various colors, textures, fabric composition; coarse calico, satin, cotton, terry, flannel, polyester, and linen.

Experts advise choosing a satin bed in the cool period and cotton in the summer.

Of course, everyone has their own care methods for their bedding, but few suspected that this minority was doing the right thing.

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“Bed linen should be washed at least once a week. It is necessary to ventilate the bed constantly. After waking up, you need to quickly take out the linen to the balcony and shake it out, if possible, leave it in direct sunlight,” said microbiologist Oksana Volskaya. winter, frost, at this time, to kill a dust mite, you need to take out the bed in the cold. “

A clean bed also helps you sleep. Special comfort, the smell of purity – sleep envelops, and a person falls asleep, feeling safe. Most people claim that nighttime worries go away as soon as they change their bed.

Folk tales about bed linen

  • If you make the bed inside out and sleep on it, expect trouble.
  • Do not change bedding on religious holidays or Sundays. The best day for this is Saturday.
  • Laundry should be washed on Monday to ensure a sound and restful sleep. The practical side of this sign is that a week before Saturday, a set of linen had time to dry in ancient times.

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