How Is Gelatin Used And In Which Recipes

When we talk about isinglass, we refer to dried and pressed gelatin in the kitchen sheets to thicken sweet and savory dishes. However, the name should not be misleading, as this food is produced using almost exclusively the pig’s rind, which is treated so that it can be transformed into tasteless, odorless, and transparent sheets.

Given the animal derivation of isinglass, its use and consumption are obviously beyond those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. In these cases, to thicken creams or semifreddos and aspic, vegetable alternatives will be used, such as agar or pectin, the latter widely used, for example, for jams and marmalades.

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How is gelatin used?

But let’s understand how isinglass is used. As mentioned, the product comes in transparent sheets, which will be cut into two or three parts, placed in a container with medium-high edges, and covered with icy water.

How Is Gelatin Used And In Which Recipes
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After soaking for about 10-15 minutes, the gelatin will have changed consistency and color and will have become soft and amber. Filter the water with a colander and squeeze the isinglass well, which will now be ready to be dissolved in a hot liquid and used for various cooking recipes.

If you need a panna cotta, you will have to dip it in the cream just brought to a boil together with milk, sugar, and vanilla, after turning off the heat. Stir for a few seconds to mix the gelatin sheets with the mixture, which can be poured into molds and cocotte until completely cooled and solidified.

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For salted aspics made from meat, fish, or vegetables, the gelatine must be treated in the same way; only it will be dissolved in hot broth or vegetable extract. In this case, the gelatin dosage increases compared to the previous preparation because the result must be firmer and less creamy.

If you follow the recipes that involve the use of isinglass to the letter, you can’t go wrong. However, if the preparation is not explained in detail, this article can help overcome any impasse. So our kitchen will be perfect.

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