Here Is How To make Your Bed

How many excuses a day can we come up with not to make the bed? Countless, starting with “It’s not worth it, tonight it will be undone again,” “Today no guest comes into the house,” “If I close the bedroom door no one will see him,” “I don’t have the time.” When we get into the good habit of arranging it,  how do we make the bed? Here are some tips.

– Remove the bedding every morning and let the mattress, sheets, and blankets air through wide-open windows for at least an hour. Fluff the pillows to get them back into shape.

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– When it is time to do it again, arrange the mattress cover and secure it with the rubber bands.

– Switch to the bottom sheet. If it has elastic corners, first insert the corners on one side and then those on the other side of the bed.

– Remember that the top edge goes to the top of the bed and will line up with the mattress’s top.

– The patterned side of the top sheet must be turned down so that once the bed is made and the top of the sheet is folded back, you can see the pattern.

Here Is How To make Your Bed
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–   Spread the other side of the sheet and tuck the corners and the bottom under the mattress, leaving the sides hanging.

– After inserting the sheet, put the blanket, duvet, or quilt on top so that the side flaps that hang are of the same length.

– Take the edge of the sheet near the headboard and fold it carefully over the top end of the duvet.

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– If the blanket is thin, the bottom of the blanket can be tucked under the mattress.

– Arrange the pillows over the folded sheet.

Why fix your bed daily? The most obvious reasons are two.

1. Starting the day energetically empowers you to fulfill your commitments more easily.

2. Coming back from work in a tidy room makes us feel better and relaxed.

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