This Is How You Should Clean Suede Boots

The suede boots are an essential accessory in winter. They add character to your outfits, keep you warm, and are comfortable. They have only one flaw; they get dirty easily and are not that easy to clean.

The first thing you need to do is pre-treat the shoe by applying a water-resistant spray. This way, if the boots get wet before treatment, the water stains can be sealed. Furthermore, every week you have to brush them with a suede brush with movements always in the same direction. This advice obviously applies to all suede models, not just boots.

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When you’re not wearing them, keep your boots in boot bags or a box in a cool, dark area to prevent dust build-up and fading.

This Is How You Should Clean Suede Boots
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Gently rub a chamois brush with circular motions on the affected area. This will help correct the discoloration, especially if it is caused by water. You can also alternate between using a slightly damp sponge and a chamois brush. Fill the boots with newspaper as they dry. 

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Finally, when the soles wear out, have the boots resoled. You can also ask the shoemaker to add resistant rubber soles to the existing thin leather soles. Your model this way will last longer, and, honestly, if they’re shoes of value, that’s the best thing you can do.

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