Five Ways To Avoid A Hangover In The Morning

Of course, the easiest way to avoid a hangover is not to drink alcohol. But sometimes, there are times when it is simply impossible not to drink a hundred grams of strong drinks. What should be done so that the next morning you do not suffer from headaches and “disgusting” feelings throughout the body? Read on.

Alcohol enters our body through the stomach, which means that the fight against a hangover must be started from here. Many traditional methods and official medicine recommend eating fatty foods before going to a “feast.

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Also, the first way to avoid a hangover is to take milk. You can drink a few milk glasses and eat a couple of tablespoons of natural honey before going to a party. The same can be done after the “party” before going to bed.

Milk and honey will help get rid of alcohol breakdown products.

Another popular method is drinking one hundred grams of vodka or brandy before going to an event. In a couple of hours, such a portion of alcohol will disappear, but the body will receive a certain vaccination. But this method is purely individual; It might not everyone can help.

Five Ways To Avoid A Hangover In The Morning
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Several other medications can help fight hangovers. For example, aspirin drunk per day will help improve liver function. 12 hours before the feast, you can drink choleretic drugs, which will also help you cope with a large dose of alcohol.

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Some have heard of a method like Corvalol for a hangover. Its effectiveness is highly questionable. Corvallis has a depressing effect on the central nervous system; this effect can only aggravate the hangover. Also, taking the medication together with the residual effects of alcohol can disrupt the circulatory system’s work.

A proven remedy is the intake of activated charcoal before or after drinking alcohol. You need to drink it, one tablet for every 10 kilograms of weight. Charcoal helps to absorb harmful substances and remove them from the body faster.

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