Life Hack: How To Clean A Pomegranate In 30 Seconds

Pomegranate is a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. It contains a record amount of antioxidants, is rich in vitamin C, protects against Alzheimer’s disease, improves digestion, helps with arthritis, is beneficial for heart disease, improves memory, and strengthens the immune system. Here is how you can clean this fruit in literary seconds.

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How to choose a delicious pomegranate

The pomegranate should not be too round. Choose fruit with well-defined contours. This means that the seeds have already been filled. Grenades that are soft to the touch are a bad sign. This means that the fruit is frozen or rotten. Therefore, you need to choose only hard fruits.

How to eat pomegranate

Pomegranate is served as a side dish for heavy metals, such as fried meat, but no more than a tablespoon of seeds in salads or main dishes. If you eat pomegranate as a snack, the ideal serving is no more than half of the fruit at a time. The fruit is most useful in the form of juice, but not pure, but diluted with water in a one-to-one ratio.

Life Hack: How To Clean A Pomegranate In 30 Seconds

How to clean a pomegranate quickly and without splashing

  • Rinse the fruit and pat dry with a tea towel.
  • Cut off the top with a ponytail with a knife so that white streaks appear in the cut.

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  • Make small cuts along with the pomegranate, preferably along these light-colored veins.
  • Flip the pomegranate upside down. Take a tablespoon and start tapping on the peel. Taps should be moderate and even across the entire surface of the pomegranate. So the pomegranate seeds will begin to pour into the pot by themselves without any damage.
  • You can also put the pomegranate in a small plastic bag before tapping it with a spoon. This will save you from accidental splashes. Just 30 seconds – and all the grains are on the plate!

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