Fragrant Chocolate Tea That Will Lift Your Spirits

Learn how to make this warming drink with cinnamon and cardamom coupled with its coziness and warmth. Here is a full recipe.

Cooking time

Total…10 mins

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Milk…350-380 ml

Black tea…1 tsp

Ground cardamom…1 pinch

Cocoa powder…1⁄2 tsp

Sugar…2 tsp

Cinnamon sticks…1 small piece

Fragrant Chocolate Tea That Will Lift Your Spirits
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  1. 1.


Pour the milk into the pan. Sprinkle cardamom, cocoa, and sugar, and add the cinnamon.

Instead of a piece of cinnamon, you can take a pinch of ground.


  1. 2.


Mix thoroughly with a whisk.

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  1. 3.


Keep stirring and bring the drink to a boil.

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When the foam appears on the surface, remove the pan from the heat.

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Strain the tea and serve hot.

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