A Simple Morning Habit That Can Help You Find a Solution To Any Problem

Your subconscious mind knows the answers to all questions. But how to bring them into the area of ​​consciousness? A simple morning habit can help you get clues from your subconscious mind and develop creative problem-solving.

Your subconscious mind works constantly: both when you are awake and when you are sleeping.


Napoleon Hill, American writer of success books

The subconscious mind never rests; it is constantly alert as it controls your heart rate, blood circulation,and digestion. It regulates the vital processes and functions of your body and knows the answers to all your questions.

What happens on a subconscious level also manifests itself in consciousness. In other words, what happens inside, in the subconscious, will definitely become your reality. Your goal is to direct your subconscious mind to find a solution to the problem that worries you. And here’s a simple exercise to help you do it.

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10 minutes before bedtime

Never fall asleep without asking your subconscious mind.


Thomas Edison, American inventor and entrepreneur

It is a common practice for many successful people worldwide to make the subconscious mind work while they sleep. It will take you just a few minutes before you go to bed to meditate or write down questions you would like answers to.

Make a list of the questions that interest you. The more precisely the question is formulated, the more accurate the answer will be. While you are sleeping, the subconscious mind will start working on this issue.

10 minutes after waking up

Research confirms that the prefrontal cortex is most active and capable of creative decisions immediately after sleep. Your subconscious mind worked during sleep, creating contextual and temporary connections, and creativity is born from connections between different parts of the brain.

In a recent interview with Josh Waitzkin, an American chess player and Taijiquan master, he talked about this morning habit of using the subconscious to find unexpected solutions and connections. Unlike 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 44 who check their smartphones in the first 15 minutes after waking up, Vaytskin goes to a quiet place, meditates,, and “dumps thoughts” into his diary.

Instead of concentrating on the outside, as most people check their notifications, he focuses on the inside. In this way, he achieves a high level of clarity, learning ability, and creativity – a state that he calls “crystallized intelligence”.

A Simple Morning Habit That Can Help You Find a Solution To Any Problem
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If you are not used to writing down your thoughts, “resetting ideas” can be difficult for you. In principle, it is enough to write down your thoughts about solving a specific problem. Now consider the request you send to your subconscious before you go to bed. Remember all the questions that interest you. Think about it and write down what you need to find out. Then go to bed. The first thing in the morning to start writing down everything that comes to mind about the problem worries you.

Thus, you can find answers to many questions; how to solve a difficult word problem, how to become the best parent for your children, and the best life partner for your spouse (or wife), with whom it is worth meeting and communicating to improve relations.

Of course, you have to practice to master this skill. But over time, it will become easier for you to receive answers from your subconscious, find creative solutions in them, and trust your intuition.

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A person cannot change circumstances, but he can change his thoughts and thus indirectly change circumstances.


James Allen, British writer and poet

Your thoughts are the blueprint for your life that you build every day. When you learn to control your thoughts, consciously, and unconsciously, you create conditions that make the achievement of your goals inevitable. You are the creator of your eternity. This simple habit will help you understand what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.

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