10 Proven Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Everybody has bad days. The main thing is not to dive into negativity with your head and be able to switch. These simple tricks will help you. Let us find out more.

1. Bouncy playlist

Make a playlist of your favorite tracks that energize you. No melancholy; sad music will only fuel your already dull mood. If the situation needs to be corrected urgently, and your own collection is not ready yet, include ours.

2. Physical activity

Be aware of the link between mental and physical health. The American Psychological Association recommends include exercises in the psychotherapy regimen. Therefore, dance, jump, do a light warm-up; any physical activity is suitable for endorphins production.

3. Call a friend

Surely you have chats with friends – write there a good portion of words of support, jokes, and stickers with cats will fix the situation! Better yet, call your loved ones or meet them. Pleasant social interactions make us happier.

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4. Reason to laugh

If friends cannot help promptly, go in search of funny things on Telegram. Browse LaQeque – a channel with memes from all over the Internet, look at cats in difficult life situations on the Pet the Cat channel (an alternative for dog lovers – Pet the Dog )

5. Simple goals

Bad mood and apathy deprive you of strength and performance. Don’t berate yourself; if the day is not good, plan three easy things instead of ten hard ones. Achieving a goal, however small, will bring back a sense of self-satisfaction.

10 Proven Ways To Cheer Yourself Up
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6. Good movie

Watch new items on the big screen; as expected, with popcorn and last row, or arrange an evening of soulful cinema at home; our selection of romantic comedies will restore faith in humanity and goodness.

7. Small desires

The fulfillment of desires is always inspiring. And if right now you cannot go on a long-awaited journey, you can probably do something less ambitious but enjoyable. Think about what it is. Delicious food, a warm bath, a spontaneous purchase – these seemingly little things work flawlessly.

8. Return to reality

Meditation reduces stress and regulates emotions. There is no need to sit in the lotus position until enlightenment; simple exercises are enough to help you switch from painful thoughts and emotions.

For example, look out the window and describe what you see. No evaluative characteristics, only facts. How many cars, people, and houses? What color, size, and shape are they? How many are red, and how many are yellow?

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9. Rest time

Bad moods are often the result of stress and fatigue. If this is your case, allow yourself a break. Put your phone and business aside, leaf through a magazine, take a walk or take a nap. A short timeout is unlikely to provoke an apocalypse, but it may well restore strength and mood.

10. Thank you to yourself

Another simple exercise that will remind you that everything is not so bad, even if it is November and everything falls out of hand. Make a list of ten things you can thank yourself for. Did you have a tasty and hearty breakfast? Excellent. Have you read a helpful article? Great. You need to find exactly ten reasons to praise.

Remember that lingering bad mood can be a sign of depression. And if you do not manage to cope on your own, then perhaps this is a reason to contact a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

Sources: Lifehacker