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8 Financial Lessons Learned from Coronavirus Pandemic

During the crisis, simple truths became even more relevant.

Everyone needs an airbag.

Everyone seems to know about this basic principle of financial security. But not many follow it.

Usually, the lack of an airbag is attributed to a small income. But the point here is not how much a person actually receives. He spends everything, and he has nothing to save.

Often it is difficult to keep the pillow intact because the amount accumulates large, and the “insured” event does not occur – and the funds are spent.

The coronavirus has eloquently made it clear what will happen if something happens, but there is no money. Therefore, everyone definitely needs an airbag: both those who earn 15 thousand rubles a month and those who are 100 thousand. Therefore, if there is no such stash, it is better to start saving money until you have accumulated an amount that will be enough for at least three months of life without income.

Good Job – Official Job

From the end of March to mid-May, a coronavirus weekend of an unclear status was announced in Russia, but with the preservation of salaries. By default, it is believed that they hit mainly the business that lost workers but had to support them. Employees in such situations allegedly got off with little blood.

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But it’s worth remembering the black and gray salary payment schemes. In the first case, the employee is not employed in any way. Therefore, by the decision of the employer, he may be left without income. Simultaneously, the employee will not get access to possible coronavirus benefits: according to official data, he has not been working for a long time, which means that the change in his income has nothing to do with the pandemic.

With gray payments, the minimum amount officially allowed by law is usually charged. The rest is in an envelope. That is, most of the employee’s earnings remain at the discretion of the employer. And in this case, problems await again. According to the documents, the person did not lose his job, and his income did not change, even if he was paid the minimum wage. Therefore, he could not apply, for example, for a credit vacation.

The coronavirus has shown how a coincidence of circumstances can lead to a global crisis in which people who are officially employed and, according to all the rules, find themselves in a much safer situation. Russians were ready for a black or gray salary. For comparison: in April 2020, 46% of such, and in February 2009, even 60%.

The more sources of income, the better

Having one cash flow, even a stable one, is too unreliable. A coronavirus lump can easily block it. For example, your company with high salaries may not withstand the crisis and shut down. But there is something you will continue to want, so it would be nice to have spare options.

Of course, it is better to combine active and passive sources of income in an ideal world. Lost your job – living on rent or stock money. But we, alas, are in the ordinary world. So it is worth thinking about having a part-time job or at least loyal customers who can give it to you at any time.

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There are more benefits than it seems. First, additional income will allow you to get through difficult times when you lose your main one. Secondly, thanks to connections and reputation, it is easier to find a job, especially in crisis times.

Knowing what the state owes you is your concern.

During the pandemic, the authorities provided for many payments, benefits, and other measures that were supposed to support citizens. We will not discuss how they were all-sufficient. Let’s remember that once again, it became obvious: no one will follow you and forcefully shove money in. Getting state support is your right, and to exercise it, you need to know about it.

Various benefits, payments, tax deductions exist even in peaceful, non-coronavirus times. Without knowing about them, you are missing the opportunity to use these bonuses. Therefore, periodically check what you are entitled to, and follow the innovations in the laws.

It’s time to register on “Gosuslugi.”

If, for some reason, you still do not have an account on the Unified Portal of Public Services and Functions, this is not only strange but also shortsighted. Even before the pandemic, “state services” made it possible to do a lot of things without getting up from the couch, for example, apply for a replacement passport or to a registry office, pay fines, and state duties at a discount.

It is also easy to find out on the portal what services you can get in general, what bonuses you are entitled to, and so on. Finally, the username and password from “Gosuslug” allow you to log in to other official resources, for example, in your personal account on the tax service website, in the Russian Post application, or on the municipality website, where you can complain about the management company of your house.

Of course, there are always “old believers” who do not trust technologies and prefer to bypass all instances with their feet. But the pandemic has put all of us in a situation where most of the important issues are resolved only remotely and has shown that it is really convenient. So, if, for some reason, you have postponed registration at “State Services,” there is no point in delaying further.

It is necessary to get into debt in exceptional cases.

In 2020, a record low number of Russians – only 15% of Coronavirus has deprived Russians of their love for loans– believes that a loan gives an excellent opportunity to acquire what you want. And in general, it is clear why. With incomes declining, the loan, which yesterday was easy to repay in-between cases, becomes unaffordable. It is a pity that they remember this more often after all the bad things have already happened.

So it is worth brushing up on one more common truth. Loans are not an absolute evil. This is a tool that you need to know how to use. In particular, borrow only for the things you need right now. For all the rest, it is worth saving or not buying something that is beyond your means.

And also, loans are not for those who have no money. They are for people who are guaranteed to have money, but not right away.

You can buy almost everything with delivery.

Online commerce has been developing for a long time, but the coronavirus has accelerated this process for those who have resisted it for a long time. Its delivery has appeared even in stores near the house. And this trend has many benefits.

First of all, online shopping is a great way to save you time and effort. Throwing the goods into the basket and then meeting the courier is clearly faster than going to a hypermarket with a list and then dragging heavy packages to your floor.

Secondly, saving money is also easier this way. If earlier, to find products with discounts, you had to go around several stores, now you need to open several applications.

Of course, online has not only affected the food trade. But it seems that it was for her that the coronavirus became an especially powerful driver of development. And in general, thanks to the pandemic, we got really convenient channels for buying anything literally over the Internet.

Scammers are literally everywhere.

People tend to believe that only completely gullible victims fall for the bait of malefactors (“I would never buy in their place!”). In fact, it happens that brilliant people give money to fraudsters because criminals know how to be persuasive, press on the right points, and control other people’s attention.

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In a pandemic, cybercriminal attacks are predictably frequent. New schemes have appeared. For example, people were offered “compensation,” which supposedly can be transferred only knowing all the card details.

Scammers are improving their methods, and it’s time to understand: no one is safe. You really have to be very careful when answering the phone, entering data on the Internet, selling things on websites, and so on.

Of course, to talk about possible schemes of “divorce” to others – and not to become dignified against the background of the victims. Because being gullible is not ashamed and legal, but cheating is not.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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