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How to Overcome Apathy and Find a Hobby

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How to overcome apathy and find an interesting hobby?

In fact, these are two different and rather broad questions. Let’s figure it out. Apathy can be a symptom of many conditions – not only psychological but also physiological.

Check for physiological abnormalities.

Before you go to a psychologist, you can check the physiological state – you may have an endocrine or other disorder.

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Chronic stress can also lead to apathy. Here’s what you need to do in this case:

  • Build the right work and rest routine.
  • Watch your sleep. The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule.
  • Normalize your diet, give up coffee, alcohol, and smoking.

Eliminate mental disorders

Apathy is a common symptom of depression. But not necessarily: it can also be a sign of another disorder or condition, so don’t self-medicate. If apathy manifests itself for two or more weeks in a row, it is worth contacting a psychiatrist for diagnosis.

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Use useful psychological practices.

If doctors have not diagnosed any physiological disorders and depression, you can consult a psychologist or practice yourself.

I advise you to start by identifying values. This will help you navigate which hobbies will make sense for you. Imagine that you are in ideal conditions. What would you do then? What would you spend more time on? What new activities would you like to try?

Think about the beliefs behind this desired activity. Striving to help people? Wanting to improve your own well-being or health? Maybe this hobby will allow you to get the necessary positive emotions?

However, do not try to introduce all the discovered interests and values ​​into your life at once – this will bring nothing but a nervous breakdown. It is better to focus on the positive feelings from one activity, and after a while, it will become a habit.

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Aerobatics – thank yourself for at least five minutes a day for doing something important. Remind yourself of the values ​​behind your actions, and this will be additional motivation.

I also recommend reading the book ” The Happiness Trap ” by Russ Harris. In it, you will find many scientifically based ideas on how to make your life better. Good luck!

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