6 Relationship Situations Where Lying Is Okay

In some cases, a lie will help cheer up your partner, stay within the bounds of ethics, or even save your life. Here is more. 

1. When you leave the abuser

If you have decided to get out of a destructive relationship and prepare ways to escape, lie recklessly. Your main task is to lull the aggressor’s attention to start saving money, collect things, and establish connections with people who will help emerge from this abyss.

In particular, it is worth holding back if you want to sort things out in the end, although victims of emotional abuse usually have neither the strength nor the desire to do so. The aggressor’s reaction is unpredictable if he realizes that the victim is off the hook. And it’s better to be alive and well than right and honest.

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2. When a partner asks: “Did you love someone more than me?”

If you have not agreed in advance, one hundred percent honesty, say no. Let’s say you had a stronger feeling in your previous relationship than the current one. Who will feel better if you tell the truth?

Having confessed your true feelings, you will take out a well-hidden skeleton from the closet and put it third at the table.

So leave it in your dressing room and feel free to lie. Unless, of course, deep down, you do not plan to return to your previous love – it is dishonest to hide such plans from your current partner.

3. When preparing a surprise

According to the law of meanness, a person for whom a surprise is being prepared sharpens all feelings, a third eye, and the ability to see through walls appear – in a word, there is a great chance to understand everything ahead of time. Therefore, most likely, you will not only have to lie on the go but weave a web of lies to keep the surprise a secret. Make sure that the lie is offensive

4. When you leave a generally good person

The tomatoes of your love have faded and wilted, and you collect bags. The former partner is probably wondering what went wrong. Please do not rush to dump the entire list of misdeeds on him. Are you sure that the reason for the gap is its shortcomings? Or is it just convenient to justify your departure by accusing your former lover of all sins?

Good people also go away. “They didn’t agree” is not just a duty reason for parting.

5. When giving a compliment to cheer up your partner

Let’s say your girlfriend caught a cold and turned from a glossy beauty into a beauty with a swollen nose and red eyes. The phrase “You look great” is not a lie because the girl has a mirror; she knows the truth. It’s just another way to talk about your love.

6 Relationship Situations Where Lying Is Okay
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6. When it’s not your secret

You don’t have to write a fake story filled with details; answer “don’t know” to an uncomfortable question about someone you know.

Psychologist’s comment

Consultant psychologist.

First of all, you need to understand the definitions. Lies are a deliberate distortion of information or its replacement with other facts. A relationship is the interaction of two people who respect and love each other.

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Therefore, in the case of the abuser, we are not talking about lies in the relationship; they are no longer there. There is a salvation for your life, health, and well-being. In other situations, it is important what the couple agreed on, whether there are respect and a request for feedback in this or that situation. Another point is the reason for the distortion of facts. 

If we proceed from relationships, Does your partner like surprises? (And if not, it’s better not to arrange them.) Do I want to discuss with him why I am leaving him? The most successful option is to decide whether to lie or not, based on the relationship that you have at the moment.

If the relationship is built on manipulation, there is already a lie in them, there is a lot of it, and it is hard for the good.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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