5 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath

If you recognize your soul mate in this article, we have bad news for you.

One percent of the world’s population is psychopaths. A psychopath is not the kind of person waiting for you with a sharpener in a dark entrance. This is not a serial killer or an inmate of a mental hospital. This could be your coworker who can get away with any trick at work. Someone’s “perfect” ex who once ran off with another. Or a completely ordinary guy who made you coffee in the morning.

There is only one difference between a normal person and a psychopath – psychopaths have no conscience. They hurt and do not feel the slightest feeling of remorse or guilt. They can imitate normal human emotions but do not actually experience them. Compassion, love, trust, forgiveness – these emotions make you vulnerable, and psychopaths only use them to influence you.

Any outside observer cannot identify a psychopath. They are often nice, friendly, and charming people. But if you get closer to such a person, then life turns into a nightmare. Fabulous relationships mutate into a mess of violent intellectual games. Does this sound familiar to you? Here are 10 alarm bells that warn you that you are dating a psychopath. Data collected from real stories and surveys at Psychopath Free.

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1. He surrounds you with declarations of love and compliments. It seems to you that this is the perfect partner for you

When you first meet a psychopath, things move fast. He inspires you that you have a lot in common that you are perfect for each other. Like a chameleon, he reflects your hopes, dreams, and fears to form trusting and exciting relationships. He constantly wants to communicate with you and seems to be completely fascinated by you. Your Facebook wall will be littered with songs, compliments, poems, and cute jokes that only you two can understand.

2. He hunts for your emotions by telling pitiful stories

You will quickly find a place in your heart for pity. After all, he is so sweet and innocent. Completely unlike the movie images of psychopaths – cruel men with a contemptuous smile in an expensive car. Surely he will mention his ex, who is still in love with him. But all he wants is peace and quiet; he hates dramas. However, you will soon notice that dramatic stories constantly surround him and those close to him.

5 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath
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3. He draws you into a love triangle.

Once you are on the hook, you will find yourself in a love triangle and even a polygon. The psychopath will surround himself with former and potential mistresses and everyone who pays attention to him. There will also be exes about whom he told you earlier and assured you that you are superior to them in everything. You will feel embarrassed, and you will get the impression that he is always in demand from the opposite sex.

4. He constantly distorts reality and behaves abnormally

The psychopath always denies that he is manipulating you and ignores even the factual evidence of this. He reacts critically and dismissively if you try to refute his stories with facts. He will shift the blame for the situation onto you; you are too impressionable and do not adequately perceive the situation. He will convince you that he is not the problem, but your negative reaction to normal events.

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5. He blames you for the emotions that he provokes.

The psychopath will say that you are too jealous, although you have openly flirted with your ex, often even on social networks, for everyone to see it. He will say that you are too clingy, although he deliberately ignored you for several days. He provokes your reactions to show his other targets how hysterical you are and to create empathy for himself. Did you think you were a calm person? Meeting a psychopath will change you beyond recognition. Fortunately, temporarily.

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