5 Unexpected Soda Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

Some things happen only once in a lifetime; take at least the first love, the last call, or buy a packet of soda. Seriously, soda is a universal helper that will help out in the kitchen and during cleaning. These non-obvious and interesting tips will come in handy more than once.

1. Bring back the glitter to the darkened decorations

If your favorite ring or chain has lost its original color, do not spend money on special liquids for cleaning jewelry. You probably have water, soda, salt, foil, and dishwashing at home. This set is enough to make a homemade mixture that will make the ring shine.

Heat a glass of water in the microwave – just a couple of minutes, and then put in the water a piece of foil and a tablespoon of soda, salt, and dishwashing. Dip the ring in the glass for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse them in cold water. Done, now they’re new!

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2. Extend life to cut flowers

To make the bouquet happy for a long time, and not, as usual, you can look into the flower shop for a means of feeding. Or see if there is a wad of soda in the kitchen locker (spoiler: there is). Pour water into the vase and add half a teaspoon of soda. The flowers are saved; you are magnificent.

By the way, it will be even more profitable. A special package is usually designed for 1.5 liters of liquid – you will have to buy it whenever you want to change the water in the vase. Soda is both cheaper and always at hand.

5 Unexpected Soda Hacks That Will Make Life Easier
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3. Wash the stained sneakers

Wipe the dirt from the white soles sometimes is not possible even with special cleaning products and wet wipes. Acetone and household chemicals based on chlorine are in progress, but there is a simpler and safer way to return the shoe to pristine whiteness. It’s not complicated, follow the instructions.

Add some water and hydrogen peroxide to two tablespoons of soda. Stir and apply to the dirty areas with a hard side of the dishwashing sponge. Rub well – a dual, sneakers as new.

4. Clean children’s toys

Toys and bear owners sometimes have a hard time taking care of them; they put them in a sandbox and then bathe in a puddle. There are two ways to solve the problem; to wash plush friends after each walk (but not the fact that they will have time to dry out to the next exit to the street) or call for help soda. 

Take a bag, put a toy in there and add two tablespoons of soda. Tie the bag tightly, shake it, and leave it for half an hour. The toy will be clean, will only shake off the excess soda. In this way, you can also clean other products such as musical or those that have parts of cardboard.

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5. Save old books

Some find in the smell of old books a special charm – it is for such connoisseurs came up with perfume with the aroma of dusty volumes (quite peculiar). But if the pages and the book’s intertwining pull something musty, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to save them before getting wet.

To beat off the smell, fold the books in a bag, add a couple of teaspoons of soda and shake well. Leave them in the bag for a few days, and the unpleasant amber will disappear. Just remember to dust off the leftover powder.

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