Dehydrated Vs Dry Skin And How To Restore Health And Beauty To It

Dry and dehydrated skin are completely different concepts. If you have dry skin, don’t worry, but treating your dehydration is essential. Here is more.

Dry skin

Dry skin is not scary; it is by nature. It’s like oily or combined, only dry. Such skin is thin, matte, more prone to flaking, and sometimes looks dull. This is because the skin is low in fat.

How to fight

You won’t be able to get rid of dry skin once and for all; you were born with it, you can’t change anything here. But giving it a healthy look is simple; you need to use moisturizers and masks, apply lotion after a shower, and use those cosmetics that are right for your type (read the labels carefully!).

Dry skin can often be confused with dehydrated skin, but pronounced wrinkles and visible blood vessels characterize the latter. Dehydrated skin is a completely different case.

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Dehydrated skin

Any skin can become dehydrated, and this is no longer a type but a temporary condition. Why does the skin become like this? First, due to the lack of water. Insufficient fluid intake affects not only the general condition of the body but also the appearance. Rare care also plays a role; hydration is necessary, especially in the autumn-winter period. Seasonal factors in skin dehydration include hypothermia, dry air, and an over-indulgence in natural tanning.

In addition, a lack of moisture can cause frequent alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and natural aging.

And if you don’t get away from age, then nutrition should be changed, and bad habits should be abandoned. It is necessary to treat dehydration because it causes the skin to lose its elasticity, fine wrinkles, redness, a general feeling of discomfort, and even itching.

Dehydrated Vs Dry Skin And How To Restore Health And Beauty To It
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How to fight

First of all, dehydration is the lack of water. Therefore, it is worth starting with the establishment of a drinking regimen. Then connect a healthy diet and sound sleep. All this will help your body to absorb moisture.

Internal hydration during dehydration will not be enough; you need to add an external one. Proper care includes moisturizers, thermal water, and masks for dehydrated skin. And no soap! It will dry out the skin, even more, leading to flaking and tightness. Instead, use cleansing milk. It is also worthwhile to abandon cleansing scrubs for a while; they only more injure the skin.

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How to choose the right cream for dehydrated skin

It should include

  • hyaluronic acid or glycerin – they have a softening effect, remove peeling
  • wax, vegetable oils, fatty acids – retain moisture
  • vitamins C, E, B – have a tonic effect
  • magnesium and calcium – soothe, relieve inflammation
  • elastin and collagen – restore elasticity
  • sun filters – protect from ultraviolet radiation

Follow these simple guidelines, and your body will look healthy and refreshed. Any skin, regardless of type, requires care, do not forget about it!

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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