3 Worst Ways To Fight Insomnia

Don’t listen to the advice of your loved ones; in most cases, they do not help but, on the contrary, exacerbate sleep problems. Psychologists have learned how people help their partners cope with insomnia. It turned out that most often (albeit with good intentions), they give bad advice.

1. Go to bed sooner or later

In fact, for insomnia, it is important to stick to your usual routine. If you go to bed earlier, you will toss and turn in bed and think why you can not sleep. And if you lie down and get up later, you will break the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

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2. Watching TV or reading in bed

Better to use the bed only for sleeping (and maybe for another enjoyable activity ). Your brain must clearly internalize this association. Other activities in bed will definitely not help you fall asleep. Plus, TVs and other devices with screens activate the brain. So the advice is doubly dubious.

3 Worst Ways To Fight Insomnia
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3. Drink coffee, take a nap, or cut back on daily activity

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No, no, and NO. Taking naps during the day is dangerous because, again, you can throw off your schedule. Laziness will only increase insomnia. And it’s unnecessary to talk about the effect of caffeine on sleep.

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