4 Sleep Modes to Get Enough Sleep in Just a Few Hours

If it seems to you that the time spent on sleep can be spent more profitably, then try one of these modes in practice. You won’t have to sleep long. It is believed that we need 6-8 hours of sleep per day for a good rest. After that, full of energy, we can start a new day, which will last an average of 16-18 hours. This sleep mode is called single-phase sleep.

In fact, in addition to the most common single-phase sleep, there are four more polyphasic modes when sleep is broken into several short periods throughout the day. As you know, the most important part of the rest is REM sleep. When we change from monophasic to polyphasic, the lack of sleep prompts us to dive into this phase rather than after 45-75 minutes immediately. Thus, the body seems to receive a portion of full eight-hour sleep, but at the same time, we do not waste precious time on the transition to the REM sleep phase.

Polyphasic sleep modes

1. Uberman

20-30 minutes of sleep every 4 hours = 6 rest breaks per night.

Uberman is very effective and healthy. In the morning, a person feels a charge of vigor, and at night he sees vivid, interesting dreams. Many who adhere to this regime even note that they can see lucid dreams more often.

Don’t worry; adherence to your schedule will not let you miss your next sleep break. The body will give the necessary signal.

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2. Everyman

3 hours of sleep at night and 3 times for 20 minutes during the day / 1.5 hours of sleep at night and 4-5 times for 20 minutes during the day.

If you selected Everyman, you need to set the same time interval between rest breaks. It is much easier to adapt to this regime than to Uberman. Also, it is several times more effective than single-phase sleep.

3. Dymaxion

30 minutes of sleep every 6 hours.

Dymaxion was invented by the American inventor and architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. He was delighted with this regime and said that he never felt more energetic. After several years of following the Dymaxion regimen, doctors examined Fuller’s condition and concluded that he was in excellent health. However, he had to stop this practice, as his business partners adhered to single-phase sleep patterns.

Dymaxion is the most extreme and most productive of the polyphase modes. But at the same time, sleep lasts only two hours a day!

4. Biphasic (biphasic)

4-4.5 hours of sleep at night and 1.5 hours of sleep during the day.

Every second student adheres to this regime. It’s not very effective, but it’s still better than single-phase sleep.

4 Sleep Modes to Get Enough Sleep in Just a Few Hours
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Which mode to choose

The answer to this question depends entirely on your lifestyle, schedule, and habits. Remember that when you switch to Dymaxion or Uberman mode, you will walk like a zombie for about a week until the body adapts to the new sleep pattern.

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How to enter a new sleep mode

Here are some helpful tips to make the transition easier.

  1. Decorate your bedroom so that you are as comfortable as possible in it.
  2. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk food.
  3. Engage yourself with something during your waking hours; then, time will fly by.
  4. Free two or three weeks for the transition, otherwise there is a risk of falling asleep right at work or school.
  5. Do not give up! It will get much easier after a couple of weeks. You have to wait. Do not skip sleep breaks or change the time intervals between them to start the adaptation period again.
  6. Play loud music to wake up, and make sure in advance that no extraneous sounds prevent you from falling asleep.

If you are seriously thinking about the practice of polyphasic sleep, then we advise you to study the experience of other people and carefully monitor the reaction of your body to the transition.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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