How To Calm Down After A Work Day: An Unusual Way

The technique of drawing on water, which is gaining popularity in Ukraine, will help you calm down after a working day, develop your imagination, and become the author of a unique canvas in a matter of minutes. This type of painting is called “Ebru” and came to Europe from the East. It is so simple and effective that even children can handle it.

Fabulous plots, fantastic heroes, and unique flowers – all this and even more can be drawn by the artist Angelina Zolotaya.

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According to her, in the east, it is believed that this way of creating masterpieces is a connection between the Ebru clouds, which translates as “elements,” and the artist is a conductor who transmits this water art through himself.

How To Calm Down After A Work Day: An Unusual Way
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The technique of drawing on the water came to us from Turkey. There Angelina mastered this painting 7 years ago and is now teaching others. Says the creation process is the best meditation.

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To work, you need to thicken the water with a special agent and prepare natural paints before drawing. The created picture can be transferred to a sheet or postcard.

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