What Is Jerusalem Artichoke Useful For?

A seasonal healthy delicacy is Jerusalem artichoke, also called bulbous sunflower. Everyone saw these yellow flowers, but the fact that this plant’s roots in many countries of the world are eaten instead of potatoes is a little-known fact. Why is Jerusalem artichoke useful, and where to buy it? Nutritionist Yana Kravchenko has the answers.

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What is Jerusalem artichoke, and how much does it cost

Bulba, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, earthen pear – these are all the names of Jerusalem artichoke, and right now is the harvest season. But few people know that its root is similar to a potato – it is edible and beneficial. And it costs on domestic markets about – 40 UAH per kilogram.

What Is Jerusalem Artichoke Useful For?
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Most Ukrainians know Jerusalem artichoke as a decorative flower that decorates a summer cottage. But not everyone knows about the beneficial properties of the root of this plant.

Why is Jerusalem artichoke useful?

“The most important thing is that Jerusalem artichoke has probiotic properties. I would call it the best and most useful dessert for our bacteria, which are in the intestines and provide strong immunity,” said nutritionist Yana Kravchenko. “If, for example, you eat small pieces every day for a year Jerusalem artichoke, then bone strength can be increased by up to 25%.”

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And by the way, Jerusalem artichoke is useful for people with diabetes. “It contains an insulin substitute, inulin, which is a substance that lowers blood sugar,” said the nutritionist. And for beauty and health, It’s just a must-have because it contains amino acids that are not produced by our body. Experts advise eating Jerusalem artichoke raw, but if you don’t like the taste, there are many recipes that you can make from it.

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