What to Sell on the Internet: 5 Profitable Ideas

People most often order clothes, cosmetics, and electronics on the Internet, but their online purchases are not limited to this. There are other non-obvious products that you can make good money on selling.

1. Toys

Everything is expected; dolls, baby dolls, and other children’s toys are best sold on New Year’s Eve. According to the marketplace  Tiu.ru, before the New Year, toy sales increase by 70% compared to other months.

Certain categories are noticeably more popular than others. For example, on the eve of the new year 2018, dolls from the Monster High series began to gain popularity. Now, POOPSIE Slime Surprise toys are at the peak of requests and sales, and the demand for children’s pit bikes is growing steadily.

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How to make money on children’s toys

  1. Choose the right month to start selling. Better – early December. Usually, at this time, parents are actively looking for New Year’s gifts.
  2. Explore trends; children’s cartoons or games are popular now. Products with their heroes have a chance of high demand.
  3. Buy a small batch and offer goods not only in your region but throughout Russia. After all, it will take a long time before fashionable and modern children’s toys will reach the shelves of shops in small towns far from cities with one million.
  4. Parents usually buy toys. Therefore, be sure to indicate useful information for them in the product description: the materials from which the toy is made, their safety for the child, and so on. This will make it easier for customers to make a purchasing decision. And you – to avoid claims.

The most unusual products in the category

The toy category has suggestions for people of all ages, not just toddlers. For instance.

  • Doll “I will” (not to be confused with voodoo!). An anti-stress toy that will help you stay calm and productive all day. All you need to do is stick positive-minded needles into the doll and leave it somewhere in sight.
  • Teddy bear made of gray artificial roses. Teddy bear made from foamiran roses. Such flowers can be visually distinguished from natural ones only by their color.
  • Reborn. A doll that looks like a baby in the smallest detail.
  • Busy board. An educational toy for children up to three years old. It helps develop fine motor skills and stimulates cognitive interest.
  • Radio-controlled monster truck. Most likely, he will be bought for his son, but dad will play more with him.
  • Blåhaj (Blohei). This funny plush shark became an Internet star last fall.
What to Sell on the Internet: 5 Profitable Ideas
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

2. Products for gardeners

Since the beginning of spring, summer residents are preparing for the season: they buy fertilizers, black soil, seedlings, and seeds. The volume of orders in this category for the spring is 51% more than in other seasons.

Also, in late spring, toilets for summer cottages, summer showers are massively bought. Electric shepherds and thermal drives for automatic opening of greenhouse vents are noticeable on demand.

The peak of sales in the category is expected in May – the beginning of gardening works. According to Tiu.ru, marketplace users make exactly twice as many orders by category during this period than at any other time.

How to make money on garden and vegetable products

  1. Choose the right product for each period. The beginning of spring – fertilizers and seeds, summer – lawns and equipment, autumn – everything for the harvested crop’s conservation and processing.
  2. Do not be afraid to experiment with more sophisticated technical means – verticutters, aerators, garden vacuum cleaners. Summer residents and gardeners strive to simplify their work as much as possible and work with comfort.
  3. Offer decorative items as well. People come to the dacha not only to work but also to relax.
  4. Choose products that are compact and easy to carry. Perhaps after the end of the summer season, a person will want to take home an electric stove or a heater. And not everyone has a car to take it home.

The most unusual products in the category

  • Tulip – “ice cream.” Tulip seeds with a beautiful white and pink bud. Blooms in May for about 2–3 weeks. Such plants will add a little exoticism to any garden.
  • Dwarf banana tree. A real banana tree that can be grown in a pot. And it even bears fruit – with miniature bananas. Such a plant is suitable for a summer residence, home, or office.
  • Floating garden figure “Goose.” Like a garden gnome, but for water, this bird will decorate a summer pond.
  • Liquid lawn. This is a special mixture with seeds: you pour it over the intended lawn’s place and watch how it grows on its own.
  • Scarecrow for the garden. It performs a function opposite to the main one. It does not scare anyone away, but on the contrary – decorates the site.

3. Kitchen little things

Kitchenware and appliances sell well throughout the year. Cooking is not only a creative process but also a resource-intensive process. And gadgets that can make it easier and better are in constant demand.

How to make money on kitchen goods

  1. Sell ​​not only new equipment but also spare parts for it. For example, not everyone is ready to buy a new juicer or microwave every time after a breakdown.
  2. Not everyone sees cooking as a chore. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to offer unusual products to people for whom cooking is a hobby.
  3. Many people do not trust store products to be interested in devices for home cooking sausages, sausages, or ham.

The most unusual products in the category

  • Decorator for vegetables. It will be useful for decorating dishes; cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables can be cut not only into slices.
  • Set for making sushi and rolls. A gift for those who constantly complain that homemade rolls do not keep their shape.
  • Ham maker. An indispensable item for those who do not trust the quality of ham and other meat products from the store.
  • Fat magnet. Grease and limescale on the soup are not only disgusting to look at: they make the dish less useful. A fat magnet will fix the situation.
  • Moisture-absorbing egg. It will relieve the closet with clothes from moisture, which gives a unique smell of dampness, and the refrigerator – from the unpleasant odors of fish and spoiling food.
  • Sausage syringe. An invaluable device for the hobbyist who wants to make their own sausage.
  • Kandarian. The natural color is used in the preparation of sweets.

4. Goods for motorists

Products for motorists are popular at any time of the year. But there are also some peculiarities. For example, in February, sales of car accessories are up 64% over other months. This growth can be explained by the fact that cars require additional care in cold weather. Therefore, owners are actively buying anti-freezing liquids, scrapers, and other useful accessories in winter and early spring.

Demand for some products is regularly increasing; for example, rear-view mirrors with a built-in video recorder. But the demand for conventional registrars has remained at the same level for the past few years.

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As with home appliances, car enthusiasts try to get their car repaired or tuned rather than buying a new one. Also, a significant proportion of buyers are artisans and maintenance services who always need new parts.

How to make money on car products

  1. Focus on parts that often require replacement—for example, batteries.
  2. Offer items to upgrade and decorate your car.
  3. Car recorders are still a hot commodity that you can make money on. The same cannot be said about GPS navigators: drivers are increasingly using smartphones to navigate, and such devices are not particularly in demand.
  4. For some people, the car is a second home. They can spend hours or even days behind the wheel. And they will definitely be interested in products that will make driving more comfortable. For example, seat covers with a massager or heated seat.

The most unusual products in the category

  • Neon thread for interior lighting. Provides bright and uniform illumination of the dashboard, steering wheel, sills, and other car areas. The thread easily takes any shape and will not break. Thanks to it, you will receive a uniform and pleasant illumination of the interior of your car.
  • Equalizer for glass. Flexible plastic strip that glows to the beat of the music. The device is connected via a cigarette lighter.
  • Waterproof auto hammock for transporting dogs and cats. Keeps the interior of your car clean, even if you are traveling with a pet.
  • Massage seat cover. Enjoy every car ride.
  • Brace for the head of a child in a car seat. Provides a safe ride for your child.
  • Vendetta headrest cover. For those who are not satisfied with the Guy Fawkes mask and also need to transform their car.

5. Everything for tourism

Hunting, fishing, and hiking are popular hobbies. The demand for tents, knives, special suits, barbecues are kept at about the same level throughout the year.

In general, there is an interesting trend – buying special tools instead of homemade ones. For example, pokers for barbecues, which previously would have been used with ordinary sticks. But now they buy it separately. The reason for this is quite simple: when you use a tool often, you begin to strive for comfort. And it becomes clear that the poker is much more convenient than an ordinary stick.

How to make money on goods for tourists and fishermen

  1. People always need everyday comfort, whether rafting on the river or going hunting in the forest for three days. Therefore, offer products that would improve their life.
  2. Pay attention to the technical means for fishing, such as underwater cameras and boats for baiting fish. Modern fishers do not rely only on luck and should know that there will be a good catch in this reservoir.
  3. You shouldn’t forget about the usual travel goods too. They are always needed at any time of the year.

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