Here is What to Do When You Find Someone Else’s Bank Card

Do not rush to enjoy easy money. It is much wiser and safer to call the bank.

1. Don’t think about freebies

Even if the card has not yet been blocked, it is unlikely to use it.

  • When you try to pay for something on the Internet, the password will be sent to the holder’s phone number. Two-factor authentication is almost everywhere.
  • When you try to withdraw cash, you will be taken to the security cameras equipped with ATMs.

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2. Don’t look for the owner

The hassle of reissuing a bank card is not your problem. The noble impulse to return the loss can turn against you.

Posting ads on the internet is also a bad idea. If the card is not yet blocked, fraudsters can use its details.

When the minimum amount is transferred to the found card,  the owner is asked to contact the sender. There is nothing illegal in this because you are not withdrawing but crediting money. But you also need to be careful. People are different. This method is possible if you find the card somewhere in the office or at your house entrance. Probably, it was lost by one of the colleagues or neighbors.

Here is What to Do When You Find Someone Else's Bank Card
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3. Call the bank

Inform bank that the card is lost. This will help the holder to save money if he has not yet missed the loss.

The bank’s hotline phone number is indicated on the back of the plastic carrier. The bank will contact the client and block the card.

A lost card is considered compromised. A financially savvy person will not use it.

It doesn’t matter if your debit or credit card is lost. Any one should be re-released, or at least change the pin code if the loss is suddenly found.

4. Destroy the plastic media

After calling the bank, cut the card into several pieces with scissors and discard. Better in different trash cans.

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The card is the property of the bank (this is written on its back). Formally, the holder should not destroy it himself, even if the validity period has expired. In practice, no one will figure out who and how got rid of an expired or compromised card. Indeed, in this situation, it is already just a piece of plastic.

Finding an ownerless bank card does not oblige you to anything. The easiest option is to walk by. But if you have already picked it, act prudently.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

Sources: Life hacker