10 Ways to Save on Utility Bills

We cannot restrain the growth of tariffs, but we can reduce the amount of receipts. Here are the solutions to help you spend less on your utility room.

1. Check the thermal insulation

Plastic glass units replaced the wooden frames. They are more reliable, but the polyurethane foam dries up over time over time, the rubber seals coarsen. Check to see if there is any blowing from your windows. If so, close up the cracks. Otherwise you will heat the street in winter. Also, check the insulation of the front door.

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2. Adjust the room temperature

When leaving for work or leaving for the country, turn down the radiators. Why heat empty rooms? When you return, you can turn the valve on the battery and heat the apartment to a comfortable level. The most convenient way to regulate the temperature is with a timer thermostat.

If the house is hot, it is better to turn down the temperature of the battery than to open the window.

3. Install a multi-tariff electricity meter

Multi-tariff metering devices allow you to vary the payment for electricity depending on the time of day. When a kilowatt per hour is conventionally 5 rubles, there is a day rate, and a night rate, when it costs 2 rubles. There are also half-peak evening zones when electricity is cheaper than the daytime but more expensive than nighttime.

If you run your washing machine and dishwasher after the night rate starts (about 23 hours), you can save a lot. But if you are rarely awake at this time, and the devices are not equipped with a delayed start function, then it is more profitable to use a single-rate meter with an average cost of a kilowatt per hour.

4. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED

It will take an investment, but it will pay off. LED Bulbs consume 8-10 times less energy than conventional.

5. When leaving, turn off the light

Trivial advice, but we often neglect it. It is especially important to teach children to turn off the lights. While you are not at home, it can burn in all rooms.

10 Ways to Save on Utility Bills
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6. Install motion sensors

These devices are relevant not only for the entrances of apartment buildings but also for terraces and attics in private houses, corridors, balconies, closets, and other rooms where we rarely look and where it is so easy to forget to turn off the light.

7. Check the energy efficiency of home appliances

Modern household appliances are classified as energy efficiency classes.

The higher it is (A ++, A +, A), the less energy the device consumes per hour. If your refrigerator and oven are labeled below C, consider replacing them. Yes, this will also require investment, but the benefits will be much greater in the long term in the long term in the long term.

8. Examine the refrigerator

Check the rubber bands on the doors and ice in the freezer. Cooling is ineffective if the synthetic pads are loose. The freshness of the food suffers, and electricity is actually wasted.

Frost, in the freezer and even more so in the refrigerator compartment, also reduces the device’s device’s device’s efficiency. Try to defrost the refrigerator regularly, not only for hygiene reasons.

9. Take food out of the freezer in advance

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First, natural defrosting is healthier. Secondly, why turn on the microwave or oven if everything will perfectly thaw out by itself in a few hours?

10. Turn off the electric stove in advance

The surface of electric stoves, as a rule, is made of ceramic materials, which keep the heat for quite a long time. So if at the end of the recipe it says “simmer for another 5-10 minutes over low heat”, feel free to turn off the stove. The food will reach while the hob cools down.

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