What To Add To Coffee To Lose Weight: Doctors Have Found Out

There is a useful recipe for a fragrant drink that will help you lose weight. Employees of the Department of Biological Research at the University of Arizona told us of a healthy recipe for a fragrant drink that will help you lose weight.

A combination of caffeine and a little butter can help you lose weight. In this case, drinking coffee contributes to weight loss by accelerating metabolism.

“Just 10 grams of butter added to a mug of coffee will help you shed excess weight more effectively, ” the doctors said.

Scientists explained that the oil envelops the intestinal walls and interferes with the absorption of unwanted ingredients that enter the human body and other foods and slow down metabolism.

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Can Coffee Help Me Lose Weight? Myths about the Coffee Cleanse Diet | U.S.  News
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At the same time, experts emphasized, not a single gram of sugar should be added to the drink. 

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Doctors say that white bread should be consumed in the first half of the day; in this case, the bread’s energy will make it possible to feel vigorous during the day. Eating white bread at night will only contribute to weight gain. When this product is consumed, blood sugar rises sharply, an intense release of the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin occurs – and the sugar is utilized into adipose tissue.

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