10 Important Things You Should Know Before The New Year

There are less than 30 days left until the New Year 2020, which means that the holidays’ preparations will begin to gain momentum very soon. What you need to take care of to celebrate the new year, read the article.

1. Sum up the results of the year

Writing down your goals and desires for the coming year is a good idea. And now is a great time to get them written down and see what you managed to do during the past year and what else you can finish. Analyze your life for a year and rejoice at what you have.

2. Write down goals and dreams for the next year

If you don’t already have such a habit, it would be better to start it, because it helps a lot to achieve what you want. And do not postpone this activity until the new year itself – it is better to start now and add items to the list as needed. Also, closer to the holiday, you will definitely have more work to do, so it is better to do this a little earlier and in a calm atmosphere.

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3. Get rid of the trash

It is better to enter the new year with order in the house. If we are talking about household items, it is better to sort them out right away and not save but distribute or throw away. Everything that you store just like that, unnecessarily, “just in case,” not only pollutes your apartment but also takes away your energy. Be more categorical and turn off your inner Plyushkin – you need order.

4. Distribute debts

Do not drag debts with you in the new year. You still have time to think about how to get rid of this burden, and with peace of mind and thoughts to enter the new year. Moreover, the debt should be understood not only on the financial side. All debts in matters relating to work, study, the family are also better to finish. Don’t leave for later what you can do quickly and now.

10 Important Things You Should Know Before The New Year
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5. Buy and package gifts

It is better to take care of what to give to relatives, friends, and colleagues in advance so that later you do not run around in a bustle and buy whatever you come across.

6. Change your appearance

If you have long dreamed of changing something in your appearance – now is just a great time for this. Also, external changes invariably lead to internal ones. New haircut, a new clothing style – experiment, and then you will get new emotions and a new appearance.

7. Letting go of resentment and thanking

If you want to start the new year well, it is important to leave all your worries, omit resentments, forgive and forget. And do not forget to thank the people who helped you and yourself – for everything you did this year.

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8. Clean your phone

For most of us, a telephone is a storehouse of information that is needed every minute. Start a new phase of your life with a clean phone. I don’t mean to delete contacts and necessary programs, but to clean the folder with photos, videos, screenshots, and cache.

9. Plan your New Year’s menu

To somehow diversify the menu on new year’s eve, stock up on a couple of new recipes that you have not tried yet. For example, instead of the traditional Olivier salad, prepare a salad without mayonnaise, and replace fried chops with baked meat. There are many options for such dishes – use your imagination. You can also even work out some dishes in advance so that you know if to prepare them for the new year.

10. Plan a New Years Eve Party

To not spend the whole new year’s eve at the table with food and in front of the TV, you need to take care of how you will entertain yourself and your guests on new year’s eve. Board and online games, magic tricks, puzzles – anything that will help you have a lot of fun. And it’s better to take care of this in advance.

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