How to Open Microsoft Office Documents on MacOs

What do you need to work on so that documents (like Word documents) do not turn into hell when opened on Mac? Or how should these docks be formatted to the layout so that they open normally?

This problem is commonly encountered by new Mac users who have not completely abandoned Windows yet and anyone who often needs to view and edit documents created by other people.

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The layout violation occurs due to the use of proprietary Windows fonts that are not available in macOS. And also because by default, documents are opened in the Apple office suite. To view DOC and DOCX files on Mac, the Pages application is used, which is compatible with Word documents and still has its own format. Errors occur when opening, and the text does not look as intended.

How to Open Microsoft Office Documents on MacOs
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There are several ways to get out of this situation:

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  1. Install MS Office for macOS and use it to work with documents.
  2. Upload the file to Google Docs and view it there.
  3. Agree to the font replacement that Pages will offer when you open the document, correct the layout, and resave it.
  4. Ask a colleague to export the document to some neutral format that will open in any application, such as PDF.